Paramount Premium Premium 50-inch Wall-Mount Electric Fireplace in Black Model # EF-WM350 MO


Model # EF-WM350 MO

This incredibly slim 50-inch front-venting wall mount offers 1,535 different colour options with its unique Triple Fire LED system: made up of 3 individually controllable LED coloured flame effects, the colours can be adjusted to enhance the ambiance of any room and can be used with or without the heating function. The fireplace can be surface mounted, partially recessed, or fully recessed into the wall, fitting all installation needs with the included hardware and brackets. Energy-saving programmable room temperature shut off puts you in control, allowing the fireplace to automatically turn off the heat once it reaches the room temperature you select.

  1. Includes bonus media kit containing 10 wood chips, 4 small and 3 large white branches, 1 star fish and 1 pearl drop fish, 6 white seashells, 4 natural conch shells, 10 small and 10 large pearls, 2 small and 1 large succulent plant
  1. Triple Fire 3 colour LED flame effect in blue, pink and yellow and LED backlight strips (optional on surface mount installations only)
  1. Front venting allows for surface or partially/fully recessed mount
  1. Includes mounting bracket, hardware and instructions
  1. Two heating options (750/1500 watts)
  1. Includes timer and energy saving option when optimal heat reached


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